3 Styles of Bar Stools That Could Work in Your Island Kitchen!

People all around the country, their picturesque modular kitchens in Kochi, Ahmedabad, and other cities, especially the ones with island kitchens are opting for bar stools instead of regular chairs. If you’re a little confused as to what would a chair do in a kitchen, you should know you can easily make a breakfast table out of the island countertop in your kitchen. And for that table, a chic bar stool does do wonders!

We have here 3 materials that you can make these kitchen stools out of, and help give your kitchen space a brand new look!

Bistro, or Riviera

Here’s a way to give your kitchen a beautifully chic and rustic look. Having bistro-like stools for your breakfast table, waiting for your food everyday will probably feel like sitting in one of those mod French cafes, waiting for your coffee and croissant to arrive! Not only will a bistro-style give a rustic feel to the space, but in an otherwise neutral space, these bar stools will definitely provide for a creative respite.


Many consider this to be a vintage material, but wicker makes for a great value addition even when it comes to a modern themed house or kitchen. It adds a casual tone to any theme, while blending easily with its surroundings. As for a breakfast table, you can have your wicker bar stool have a low back on it; this will allow one to have a direct view from the breakfast table to the stove, without a high backed chair or stool hindering their way. Also, a stool without a back could get a little uncomfortable to sit while having food.

You can choose to have your breakfast table installed outside, and the wicker stools will still look and feel great, especially the ones exhibiting whitewashed grey or subtle caramel hues would lend a farmhouse charm to the place. One of the best things about wicker is the way it makes its surroundings look and feel more warm than would without it; and that proves to be a great quality for new kitchen accessory.

Mixed Material, or Industrial 

Industrial bar stool is made from material that you get on combining metal and wood, or when you pair metal with upholstery. This is definitely the way to go to bring quite the warmth in the kitchen. A really interesting way to add just the right amount of drama to the space would be, having black lighting on the top, coupled with these bar stools - all of this in a kitchen space done fully in white!

You will find no problem sliding these stools under the waterfall edge of the island, therefore not taking up much of extra space in the kitchen too. Also, these stools will have industrial finishes that are already a bit distressed; so, you’ll find them easily blending with heavily used kitchen scene.

These are a few of the many style trends that you can follow without worrying about the place you’re in. They would work as good in rustic themed modular kitchens in Kochi, as they would in say, contemporary kitchens of Delhi, and so on.


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